Your Perfect Customized Wedding Dress

The Benefits of Customizing Your Wedding Dress.
Your Perfect Customized Wedding Dress

Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life, and your wedding dress plays a pivotal role, not only in making you feel beautiful, but also how you express your personality to your guests. But with so many wedding dress companies out there, and so much choice on offer, it can often feel like a mammoth task finding the perfect dress.

You may have found a dress which is nearly perfect, perhaps with your favorite choice of neckline or bodice, but then the sleeves don't suit your arms. Or there could be one with the kind of elegant, minimalist design you were hoping for, but the beading detail feels over-the-top? Or it could just be that your eyes are worn-out from looking through pages of meringue-style dresses which all look the same! So why not wave goodbye to the endless stream of identical wedding dresses out there, and create something personal and perfect for YOU?

Designing and customizing your own wedding dress is a truly magical way of making your wedding day that bit more glorious. It turns an-already special outfit into something you will have poured your heart and soul into - much like your marriage, hopefully! Take the Elegant Princess Wine-Red Lantern Short-Sleeve Prom Dress from Umissu - with its stylish cut-out v-neckline, short sleeves with a cute puffy design and beautifully flowing material, this dress will make you look and feel as if you have just stepped out of a fairy-tale - Little Red Riding Hood marrying her handsome Wolf! The wine-red color makes this a excellent choice for an autumnal wedding, with an edgy, gothic vibe that screams personality.

For brides wishing to make even more of a dramatic entrance on their wedding day, the Banquet Red Ruffle Off-Shoulder Prom Dress offers an elegant, nipped-in waist effect, beautiful bodice-work and two rows of eye-catching ruffles. These small, personalized details are just some examples of the individuality you can introduce to your wedding dress.

The Practical Side of Customizing Your Wedding Dress

So you've decided you want to customize your wedding dress; now for the practicalities. Your head might be crammed full of ideas and images of how you want to look on your big day, but if you don't get these ideas sorted into a clear, orderly plan, you might end up in a blind panic - and the last thing would-be-brides need is more stress!

  • First things first, choose a professional wedding dress retailer. Umissu offers haute couture designs at affordable prices. Using top-quality material, they design timeless, elegant dresses which are sure to dazzle your wedding guests and create a garment you will love and cherish always. For a real show-stopper of a dress, check out their V-neck Collar Long-Sleeve Backless Palace-Style Ballgown - the exquisite detailing on the skirt, bodice and sleeves will ensure this dress stays long in the heart and mind.

  • Be clear about your requirements. This is YOUR big day; make sure the designer knows exactly what you are looking for. Just as important, they also need to know what you don't want. Conduct your own research into what styles of dress suit you and which don't. Search online for silhouette guides so you can learn how to flatter your natural body and choose the best dress style for you.

  • This point links to the previous - it is vital to keep communicating with the designer. Customizing a dress is a work-in-progress; you probably won't have a fixed idea to begin with, but perhaps more of a selection of images in your mind's eye. By communicating with the designer, you are allowing your dress evolve naturally into its final, beautiful stage.

  • Bridesmaids, Flower Girls and Mother's-of-the-Bride - don't forget these very important people! The White Princess Short Puff-Sleeve Short-Style Bridesmaid Dress offered by Umissu is a charmingly traditional-style dress, with lace and organza lending a sense of modesty across the chest and neck area. Ask your attendees for their input too; if they are paying for their own dresses, they are probably going to want some say in customizing them.

  • Try on the wedding dress - perhaps the most exciting part! Make sure you feel comfortable sitting, standing and walking, as well as any other activities you might be participating in on your wedding day (horse-riding into the sunset, anyone?). This is the time to check that all of your personalized touches are practical and safe.

  • Alterations - All bridal dresses will need some sort of alteration as the wedding day approaches. As these progress, make sure you keep the small but important accessories in mind, such as undergarments and shoes. If you are going to wear high heels, bring these with you to the fittings, so that the dress can be altered to suit your height.

Keep Your Mind Open to New Ideas

It is perfectly acceptable to have a wedding dress which is completely different to what you first had in mind - in fact, this is the norm when it comes to customized designs! Whilst it is absolutely fine to have a definite idea of what you are looking for, don't be afraid to try styles you wouldn't normally wear. Use social media and websites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy to search for wedding dress styles, and be open to new ideas. Experiment with different colours, fabrics, styles and cuts, and in the end, listen to your heart about which dress to go with. You are the best judge in this situation - your wedding dress will play an important role in one of the most special days of your life.

One of the world's leading online retailers for wedding dresses, Umissu has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to creating and customizing the perfect dress for you. Their haute couture designs, offered at accessible prices, gives you a wide range to choose from, all from the comfort of your own home, and they also provide all the necessary accessories to finish off your outfit.

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Your Perfect Customized Wedding Dress

Your Perfect Customized Wedding Dress

The Benefits of Customizing Your Wedding Dress.

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